About the Hill

History of the Club

The Tri Town Ski and Snowboard Club originated in the 1960’s and at that time was called The St. Bernard Ski Club. It was started and managed by a local ski enthusiast by the name of Mike Koshilka. Many local families enjoyed the opportunity to make downhill skiing part of their winter activities. The Poma lift provided reliable transportation from the bottom of the hill to the top where skiers enjoyed the spectacular view of Lorrain Valley and beautiful Lake Temiskaming.

In those days grooming was done with snow machines and after a heavy snowfall it was an all night job. Over the years the membership grew and the club changed its name to The Tri Town Ski Club. An enthusiastic group of cross country skiers maintained an extensive trail network of classic cross country trails.

Generous donations from local entrepreneurs in the 1980’s provided the funding to purchase the clubs first “real” groomer, a used Tucker made in Oregon, U.S.A. In the 1990’s the chalet was expanded and a Timberline Skyway T-Bar was added. The club prospered as a result of a large group of dedicated members including a new group of energetic snowboarders and the club was renamed The Tri Town Ski and Snowboard Club.

Over the years there have been many local families who have worked in all capacities to keep the ski hill operating including a dedicated group of Ski Patrollers and Ski instructors who braved the elements to provide a safe skiing environment. Pot luck suppers, Family Fun Days, Race Days, night skiing, sing songs, and lots of good fun helped maintain the friendly family atmosphere of the club.

Today the Ski Village continues to survive on community support and generous donations. A volunteer executive committee works hard to keep the club operating despite some recent poor winter seasons. As of recently the “Red Rocket” T-Bar and bombardier groomer both received overhauls to help maintain their longevity for upcoming years.  The old poma was taken out of service & removed from the hill in 2012 and has recently been replaced with a handle tow and learners area.


Tri Town Ski Village
974368 Hwy 567
North Cobalt, ON
P0J 2R0


Driving from South (North Bay, ON)

1 – From North Bay drive approximately 140km
2 – Turn right onto Hwy 11B into Cobalt
3 – Drive thru Cobalt, turning right onto Hwy 567
4 – Drive approximately 8km on Hwy 567
5 – Turn Right into Ski Village

Driving from North (Timmins, ON)

1 – From Englehart, drive 43 km to Temiskaming Shores
2 – Turn left onto Hwy 11B
3 – Drive thru Haileybury, turning left onto Hwy 567
4 – Drive approximately 8km on Hwy 567
5 – Turn Right into Ski Village

Bus Info

Pick Up Times & Locations

9:00 am – Quality Inn (Dymond)
9:10 am – Pool Fitness Centre (New Liskeard)
9:25 am – Northern College (Haileybury)
9:35 am – North Cobalt Flea Market (North Cobalt)
9:45 am – White Mountain (Cobalt)
10:10am – Tri Town Ski & Snowboard Village (Lorraine Valley)

Drop Off Times & Locations

4:25 pm – Tri Town Ski & Snowboard Village (Lorraine Valley)
4:55 pm – White Mountain (Cobalt)
5:05 pm – North Cobalt Flea Market (North Cobalt)
5:15 pm – Northern College (Haileybury)
5:30 pm – Pool Fitness Centre (New Liskeard)
5:35 pm – Quality Inn (Dymond)

Board of Directors

Mark Howey / President
Lorna Desmarais / Vice President
Jeff Davis / Treasurer
Natasha Dittmann / Secretary
Mark Conlin / Board Member
Mackenzie Craig / Board Member
Nathalie Craig / Board Member
Jody Currie / Board Member

Jon Maga / Board Member
Melanie Foley / Board Member
Shelley Harrison / Board Member
Chris Bourgeois / Board Member
Jamie Abraham / Board Member
Shelly Zubyck / Board Member
Jessica Maga / Board Member

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