By working with your school board and staff, we will ensure that a well-planned, well supervised and safe outdoor education experience is provided to your students. Tri Town Ski & Snowboard Village carefully adheres to the Safety Guidelines for Out-of-SchoolTrips for Winters Sports Education Programs document published by the Ontario School Boards Insurance Exchange (OSBIE) and the Ontario Ski Resorts Association.
  • Parents and students should consult the skill-classification guideline provided (Appendix A) and check the appropriate ability level on the consent form.
  • Qualified instructors will conduct a brief assessment of ability for ALL participating students to confirm ability levels through a visual assessment of their performance. This assessment may be compared to the classification on the trip consent form, but ultimately Tri Town Ski & Snowboard Village instructors have the right to make the final determination of the participants’ ability
  • Students will be issued a marker that indicates their level of expertise.
    • GREEN– may ski on any run
    • YELLOW– must ski with a group including a teacher supervisor
    • RED– must stay on the beginner hill with an instructor
  • Snow conditions are constantly changing. Tri Town Ski & Snowboard Village ski patrollers have the right to deny access to terrain that they feel is unsuitable to the students onthat given day.
  • Supervisors/chaperones should be assigned to a group in accordance with the ratios in the Physical Education Ontario Safety Guidelines These supervisors MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE in either skiing or snowboarding and be able to “keep up” with the ability level of their assigned group.
Grade 4-6                 1 supervisor per 10 students
Grade 7-8                 1 supervisor per 12 students
Grade 9-10              1 supervisor per 15 students
Grade 11-12            1 supervisor per 20 students


  • All program participants must wear Helmets can be provided, but participants are encouraged to bring their own if the equipment meets snow sport standards (e.g. ASTM F2040, CEN 1077, Snell RS98, CSA Z263.1).