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I have received the equipment listed on this agreement and have been instructed on its use. I verify that the personal information (weight, height, age, skier type) on this form is correct. If at any time I feel the equipment is not functioning properly, I will stop using it and return it for inspection, repair or adjustment. I understand and agree that skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports are HAZARDOUS activities that INJURIES from various causes are an INHERENT RISK of participating in these activities and that injury to any or all parts of my body are a COMMON AND ORDINARY OCCURENCE. I freely accept and ASSUME ALL RISKS OF INJURY AND DEATH that may occur while using this equipment. APLINE SYSTEMS: I have confirmed that the visual release indicators known as DIN settings on the ski bindings are the same as those designated on this form. I understand and agree that alpine ski/boot/binding systems CANNOT RELEASE OR RETAIN in all situations where release or retention may prevent injury, that they therefore CANNOT GUARENTEE MY SAFETY, and that undesired release or retention are inherent risks of skiing. I understand that snowboards are NOT INTENDED TO RELEASE in a fall or upon impact. Helmets: I understand that it is my responsibility to wear a helmet at all times, and that they may protect under normal circumstances, but cannot guarantee protection against all foreseeable impacts. To the fullest extent allowed by law, I agree to RELEASE FROM LIABILITY, and to INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS Tri-Town Ski and Snowboard Village, and employees, volunteers, affiliates, agents, board members, directors, the binding manufacturer, distributors, and successors in interest (collectively “Providers”) from all liability for injury, death, property damage or loss which results from the equipment users participation or use of equipment related in any way to the NEGLIGENCE OF PROVIDERS, or any other person or cause.

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